Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Reason for This Blog

I was inspired to start this blog after a friend at school asked me if I was going to have a blog of sorts while I was studying off-campus in Los Angeles at a Film Studies Center. But as I thought about what to title it, I was drawn to the implications of why I am going to LA in the first place. Recently I've been awakened to the joy, excitement, and fulfillment that comes from getting to know God, just like you would any other person in an intimate way. That is my goal and purpose in life; knowing God - through learning about what He has a heart for and then participating in that as He leads and calls me. Some of the things I have been learning that He has a passion for are:
1) His Name (and pretty much all glory to it)
2) The salvation of peoples of all nations
3) The blessing of those who follow Him - in order to bless others as His followers recognize their responsibility in this matter
4) The fatherless, widow, oppressed, hurting...

He has led me to a Communications major with a concentration in Integrated Media - because I want to learn how to communicate with people in the most commonly used medium: picture. I also want to learn how to do something that could be a useful skill in missions. So this blog is a documentation of what God is doing in my life as I seek to learn His passions and follow where He leads; a discerning of "how to tell His story and to whom." More specifically, it starts with my semester abroad in Los Angeles where I am learning about film, picture, and storytelling from a Christian perspective.